Posted on Jun 04, 2023
Bella Belen's Farewell to our club! 
It was a full house at our weekly meeting on Thursday as our members came out in person and on zoom to hear our beloved Belen speak about her past nine months in Lake Country! Belen shone with gratitude and appreciation as she presented her Rotary Youth Exchange experience to our club members. She shared with our club how he she has grown in so many ways and will take this experience with her as she returns to Spain and begins her University career in the fall. 
She talked about how living with her three host families has been one of the best experiences of her life. New experiences included: swimming in cold fresh water Okanagan lakes; enjoying pontoon and boat rides; skiing at Silver Star and being on top of the mountain at Big White with AG Sandy (a highlight); Canadian curling, skating, tubing, snowshoeing; camping in the Canadian wilderness, visiting Vancouver, Victoria, Nelson, Abbotsford, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon and other small towns in the Interior; enjoying puzzles and board games; cooking and baking with Rotarians. She was open to every experience she had with her local Rotarian members. 
Belen went on to talk about her wonderful experience with her fellow students at GESS and how they welcomed her with open arms. Experiencing prom nights, fundraisers, a different curriculum and teaching style, and especially learning to enjoy drive-through coffee and lunch experiences - quite a bit different from how young people socialize in Spain. Some of her high school friends will remain lifelong friends. 
At our D5060 District Conference last month, Belen was chosen to speak on behalf of all the exchange students and she did such an awesome job. She presented herself as a very capable, confident 18 year old graduating student. We should be so proud to call her our own! Thank you Belen for bringing so many smiles to our club members this year! 
Belen's farewell party, hosted by host parents Jean-Marc and Leigh-Ann, will be held on Saturday June 17th at their house. Let Jean-Marc know if you are interested in attending. 
Sheriff Patty's Trivia on the recent Lake Country Film Fest - Did you know...
Rosemary’s baby – Frank Sinatra served Mia Farrow with divorce papers during filming
Exorcist – was set in Washington, DC; apartment in the film was loosely based on an apartment in the Dakota Hotel in NYC where John Lennon was shot.                      
Deliverance – was Burt Reynold's breakout role, two of his four life partners were – Sally Field, Lonnie Anderson,
Barry Lyndon – Ryan O’Neill played in it – married to Farrah Fawcett, Ryan first starred in Peyton Place.
PASSING OF THE GAVEL EVENT on JUNE 22ND - in lieu of our regular morning weekly meeting. It's going to be a fun, entertaining evening! Please plan to join us.
Kayla has sent out invites. If you did not receive one or misplaced it but would like to attend, please let her or Maria know. $35 per person which includes a full Indian menu dinner and entertainment. 
Rotary Canada Day event - morning of July 1st at Swalwell Park. The volunteer sign-up sheet will sent out soon so we hope you can join in. This is our premiere community service club event. 
2023/24 CLUB DUES have now been invoiced and are due by June 28th. Contact our club treasurer Jean-Marc if you have any concerns. 
Recent Rotary & Community Service events our club participated in (many pics on social media):
  • Hot dogs with food trailer at GESS for first responder's Buckle Up to Prevent Accidents demonstration 
  • Hosting D5060 RYE students on tour
  • Road clean-up along Bottom Woods Lake
  • Rotary Booth at Community Resource Fair 
  • New Community Mini Library at Okanagan Centre Road East by firehall